Eclipse Project Incubator Termination Review

End Date of the Review Period: 

Reviews run for a minimum of one week. The outcome of the review is decided on this date. This is the last day to make comments or ask questions about this review.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Eclipse project incubators are no longer active.

There is no UNIX group associated with eclipse.incubator or eclipse.incubator.platform. By extension, neither of these projects have a Git repository, download directory, or website associated with them. The eclipse.incubator.e4 project does have an associated UNIX group, but that group also owns no resources.

None of these projects have any associated metadata [1,2,3], with one exception. The eclipse.incubator project does have a download URL that points to a page that contains links to the Equinox incubator downloads and a dead link labeled "Platform Incubator Downloads".

We can terminate all three of these projects without anybody noticing.

  • eclipse.incubator
  • eclipse.incubator.e4
  • eclipse.incubator.platform