Eclipse Orion 5.0.0 Release Review

End Date of the Review Period: 

Reviews run for a minimum of one week. The outcome of the review is decided on this date. This is the last day to make comments or ask questions about this review.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014



The Orion 5.0 Release be in February, 2014 and coincide with EclipseCon North America.  The 5.0 plan will have 4 main focus areas including "Features", "Infrastructure", "Core" and "Community". Some of the ideas within the 5.0 Project Plan would ideally involve some community efforts to implement and those will be called out.

Architectural Issues: 

The new Orion Java server meta-data format will be deployed to OrionHub after 5.0 finalizes.  Going forward the new format is the default.

Security Issues: 

Orion continues to fix and resolve any security related found during development and penetration testing.

Non-Code Aspects: 

The Orion community continues to present on Orion at multiple conferences and within Blog posts including those at Planet Orion.  As our documentation is currently generated via the Orion Wiki, it is constantly updated and maintained to match the UX/UI changes going on. API areas are being updated to reflect 5.0 features.

Developer Guide includes server administration guide that describes how to setup and manage the server for both Java and Node.js versions.

Usability Details: 

Orion continues release to release to focus on the usability of the platform.  In 5.0 many UX improvements were added including Sidebar pallete for nativation of pages, contextual menus in the navigator panel and refreshed UI skinning overall.  Deployment capabilities to CloudFoundry compatible Platform-as-a-Service providers is the first revision so feedback will help determine the path forward for extending the feature.

End of Life: 

No end-of-live issues in this release.  As mentioned going forward, the new Server meta-data storage is the default however backwards compatibility remains.


The Orion team participates in W3C/WhatWG and ECMA standards and working groups. Examples of standards being developed in parallel to Orion implementations include HTML Templates, LocalFileSystem, URI Templates, and Promises.  The Plugin model for Orion has also been proposed as a standard within OSGi.


The Orion mailing list is very active.  A good place to engage with developers.  Orion has participated in a successful UCOSP gram and is participating in the Facebook Open Source academy during winter 2014.

Orion has had 42 contributors over the last 12 months and remains the most active project at the Eclipse Foundation according to Ohloh statistics.

Orion has a 5.0 Tutorial scheduled for EclipseCon NA 2014 and presentations on our bleeding edge and how communities are reacting to Web Based IDEs.

The Planet Orion blog remains a great place for news and tips/tricks on consuming Orion.

The New & Noteworthty link will be updated post release.  There are already Milestone N&N posts.