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Eclipse MoDisco provides an extensible framework to elaborate on model-driven solutions supporting software reverse engineering and modernization use cases such as technical migration, software improvement, documentation generation, quality insurance, etc.

Legacy systems embrace a large number of technologies, making the development of tools to cope with legacy systems evolution a tedious and time consuming task. As modernization projects face with both technologies combination and various modernization situations, model-driven approaches and tools offer the requisite abstraction level to build up mature and flexible modernization solutions.

  • Quality Assurance: verifying whether an existing system meets the required qualities (detection of anti-patterns in existing code and computation of metrics.)
  • Documentation: extraction of information from an existing system to help understanding one aspect of this system (structure, behaviour, persistence, data-flow, change impact , etc).
  • Improvement: transformation of an existing system to integrate better coding norms or design patterns.
  • Migration: transformation of an existing system to change a component, the framework, the language, or its architecture

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