Eclipse Papyrus 0.10.0 Release Review

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Release Review



Architectural Issues: 
  • No Architectural issues for this release.

Papyrus architecture

  • Papyrus graphical editors are based on the GMF framework and are been generated using the GMF tooling.
  • Papyrus architecture is based on a component called the backbone that enable Papyrus to support various kinds of editors designed with different technologies. Currentlty, Papyrus provides adaptors for GMF-based, Nattable-based or XText-based editors.
Security Issues: 

No security issue for Papyrus known for this release

Non-Code Aspects: 
Usability Details: 
  • Papyrus may be used to denote UML2 or SysML models.
  • Papyrus may be used to design and apply UML profiles.
  • Papyrus UI may be customized in order to fit specific domain needs.
End of Life: 
  • Nothing has been deprecated.

MDT Papyrus 0.10.0 is compliant with both following OMG standards:

Papyrus 0.10.0 provides also support for the following Domain Specific Modeling Languages based on UML:


  • Interactions in Bugzilla
  • Activity on the Papyrus newsgroup
  • Collaboration with other projects at Eclipse (e.g., CDO, GMT tooling, EMF Compare, XText and EMF Facet)
  • Integration done in the TopCASED environment 5.x:
  • Used as basis for the Scade System Designer for providing the system view on top of SCADE:
  • Large diffusion in the academics community using UML
This release is part of Kepler.
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Release review for the version 0.10.0