Requirements Modeling Framework 0.10.0 Release Review

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Release Review




RMF is a framework for working with textual requirements, structured as ReqIF models, the industry standard for exchanging requirements. RMF uses natively ReqIF, the open standard for requirements exchange, allowing you to exchange requirements with many industry applications like Rational DOORS® or PTC integrity®.

RMF consists of

  • RMF Core which provides an implementation of the ReqIF meta model and the ReqIF specific XML serialization rules. The RMF Core doesn't require an Eclipse Runtime and thus is easy to integrate into plain Java applications.
  • RMF ProR is a GUI that allows comfortable working with Requirements. It opens ReqIF files with a click, allowing you to immediately inspect and edit files.

This is the first "official" release of RMF, following the proper Eclipse review process.

What has been published in the past were "snapshot" builds.  The history has been migrated to the wiki.