Eclipse Gyrex Project 1.2.0 Release Review

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Release Review



This is a feature & technology release adding new features and bug-fixes for improved maintainability and technology updates (such as Jetty 9, RAP 2, Zookeeper 3.4).
API Certification: 

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Architectural Issues: 

Gyrex now requires Java 7. It  uses Jetty 9 (which also requires Java 7).

Non-Code Aspects: 

Gyrex is gaining attraction. Activitiy on the dev mailing list is growing. 

The Administrator Guide has been enhanced a lot of this release as well as the Developer Guide. Both are available in the wiki.

Usability Details: 

The Gyrex Admin UI has been re-designed in 1.1. This redisign has been completed in 1.2 with all the remaining administration capabilies. The UI is a much more web-like experience now.

End of Life: 

No API deprecations to note for this release.


Gyrex does not implement any standards but relies on included projects to support standards, for example Equinox for OSGi, Jetty for Servlet API, Jersey for JAX-RS. 

  • Gyrex is developed using an open, transparent, and inclusive process. 
  • We rely on Bugzilla, mailing list and newsgroups/forums for input.
  • Gyrex has been presented on demo camps, conferences and in print magazines.
  • There were 3 active committers working on the 1.2 release.
  • The release includes contributions from external contributors.
  • Gyrex encourages Jetty committers to provide OSGi bundles as part of their releases.
  • At ECE a possible integration approach has been discussed with Glyn and Chris from Virgo. Only little has happened on the implementation side, though. But integration with Virgo Nano seems to start gaining interest in the community as well.
This release is part of Kepler.
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Gyrex Kepler Release.