Eclipse Stardust 1.0 Release Review

End Date of the Review Period: 

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Release Review




As 1.0 is the first Stardust release, the main priority of this release will be to establish support for the Kepler and Juno platform versions and perform all necessary version upgrades to upstream eclipse plugins and other third party libraries that will be required in the process. At the same time we will clean up our IP logs and optimize our development processes in order to be able to graduate with this release.

Architectural Issues: 

Project Stardust has a modular architecture strongly based on established Java technology standards and leveraging standard components wherever feasible (see the corresponding section of Graduation Review documentation for more information).

Stardust offers many hooks to extend and customize functionality by implementing Service Provider Interfaces (SPIs). See [1] , [2] and the examples given in [3].

Eclipse modeling functionality is heavily leveraging functionality provided by other eclipse projects, most notably EMF, GEF, WTP, BIRT, JST, JDT. Public APIs were used where possible. All residual usage of internal interfaces is documented in Bugzilla and will be reviewed in later releases (see references in Bug 402286).

Security Issues: 

No Security issues.

Non-Code Aspects: 

As Stardust is a new eclipse project, during the work on our 1.0 release, all currently present project, infrastructure and user documentation has been provided.

User documentation and general public descriptions:


  • Stardust is fully internationalized
  • All strings presented to users are externalized
  • We are pre-bundeling English and German localization files
  • Further locales can be added
  • We have extensively tests different locales, also with multibyte character encodings

Examples and Tutorials:

Articles and Presentations:

Social Media

Usability Details: 
  • All eclipse modeler UI components were designed and implemented in the spirit of the Eclipse User Interface Guidelines
  • A review of the Kepler release candidates was performed regarding compliance withUI Checklist (seeBugzilla ticket 402414 for more details).
  • Usage of Stardust eclipse modeling functionality is facilitated by Cheat Sheets.
  • Browser portal and modeler functionality user interface is following similar principles but had to be adapted in some respects due to the technical requirements of html 5 components.
End of Life: 

As 1.0 is the first Stardust release, there are no End of Life issues.


The Stardust 1.0 release supports, is compliant with or is based on the following standards:


This aspect is covered at length in the graduation review documentation submitted for the Stardust graduation to be reviewed in parallel. Please see there.

This release is part of Kepler.