Eclipse APP4MC 0.8.1

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This release targets these issues.
= resolved/fixed
= unsolved/reopened
App4mc (19)
Models (19)
  • 511284 Enhance task model regarding different scheduling algorithms [closed/fixed]
  • 518066 Common model: Change Time value from Integer to BigInteger [closed/fixed]
  • 518067 Common model: Make Time class comparable [closed/fixed]
  • 518068 Hardware model: Memory Type -> remove xAccessPattern [closed/fixed]
  • 518069 Hardware model: Move Quartzes to a single global list [closed/fixed]
  • 518070 OS model: Allow hierarchical organization of schedulers [closed/fixed]
  • 518119 Event chains: clearly distinguish between inner sub chains and references to other event chains [closed/fixed]
  • 519098 Provide an API to get the "version" information of an Amalthea model [closed/fixed]
  • 519194 Also support compressed model files (zip) [closed/fixed]
  • 519357 Allow multiple activations for runnables [closed/fixed]
  • 519462 Allow to assign tags to Event, Stimulus and Activation [closed/fixed]
  • 519577 Extend Semaphore definition [closed/fixed]
  • 519688 back references : Semaphore should have a transient link to SemaphoreAccesses [closed/fixed]
  • 519746 Replace SchedulingUnit by a generic possibility to specify the runtime behaviour of Scheduler [closed/fixed]
  • 519860 Also allow logical AND conditions for mode dependent actions [closed/fixed]
  • 519925 Allow multiple triggers for EventStimulus [closed/fixed]
  • 519930 Use consistent naming of Activations and Stimuli [closed/fixed]
  • 519983 Runnable item to explicitly trigger a custom event [closed/fixed]
  • 519994 back references : Triggered elements should have a transient link to explicit triggers [closed/fixed]