Eclipse Collections 8.0.0

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Eclipse Collections 8.0

Leverage features of Java 8. Eclipse Collections already uses Java 8 in test modules, but the main library targets Java 5 bytecode. By dropping support for older versions of Java, Eclipse Collections can benefit from new features and better integrate with the standard libraries.

  • Make Eclipse Collections functional interfaces extend Java 8 functional interfaces
  • Add new API methods that return Optional
  • Add Java 8 feature compatible APIs such as reducereduceInPlace,summarize{Int/Float/Long/Double}
  • Add Collectors2 utility class that contains Collector implementations that work well with Eclipse Collections types and algorithms.
  • Use default methods to reduce lines of code and jar size

Other change detail can be found in the milestone notes below.



Release Date: 
Thursday, September 8, 2016
Release Type: 
Major release (API breakage)