Eclipse Collections 9.0.0 Release Review

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


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This is the 9.0.0 major release. Theme of this project is to increase symmetry between the object and primitive collection hierarchy, improve Java 9 and OSGi support, reduce tech debt.

New Functionality

* Implement flipUniqueValues on primitive maps.
* Implement tap on primitive iterables.
* Implement Implement ReversibleIterable.reverseForEachWithIndex().
* Implement distinctBy on ListIterable.
* Implement adapt on factory classes.
* Implement UnifiedSet.trimToSize().
* Implement UnifiedMap.trimToSize().
* Implement ofAll and withAll for Int, Long, Double collection factories with primitive streams.
* Implement stream, parallelStream and spliterator on all object valued maps.
* Implement HashingStrategies.nullSafeFromFunction(Function).
* Implement spliterator, stream, parallelStream and castToCollection on ImmutableCollection.
* Add an efficient default implementation of forEach.
* Implement flatCollect on lazy primitive iterables and cartesianProduct on primitive sets factory.
* Add covariant override for subList() in ListIterable hierarchy.
* Implement averageIfEmpty and medianIfEmpty on primitive iterables.
* Implement countBy and countBy with target as default methods on RichIterable.
* For Java 9 add "Automatic-Module-Name" to manifests of JAR files.
* Improve OSGi bundle API information to remove Eclipse PDE "discouraged access" warnings.

Tech Debt Reduction

* Activate Checkstyle RequireThis module.
* Fix warnings generated during Javadoc build.

Breaking Change

* Remove Apache Felix plugin.
* Deprecate or hide collection factory constructors. 
* Reduce scope of EMPTY_INSTANCE in ImmutableBiMapFactoryImpl.


* Add logo in reference guide.
* Add Eclipse Collections logo in README.
* Add Eclipse Collections logo.