Eclipse Advanced Scripting Environment (EASE) 0.6.0

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Release Date: 
Tuesday, April 24, 2018
  • Java 8 and newer
  • Builds on Eclipse Oxygen
  • Runs on Eclipse Mars, Neon, Oxygen

Changed API:

  • The default EASE debug framework changed on various places. The debug framework had various issues in correctly showing variables for a given Stacktrace. Along with the new support for watch expressions the generic debug framework had to change.
  • The IScriptEngine interface got split up into
    • IScriptEngine - keeping th base functionality for any supported engine
    • IReplEngine - for engines supporting interactive, shell like, scripting

      This step got necessary as we had more and more non-REPL engines which were visible (and selectable) to users in the script shell view. Further REPL engines now may provide their own styling to shell output, which allows to have different namings like null (Java), undefined (JS), None (Python) for the same thing.