Eclipse e(fx)clipse 0.9.0 Release Review

End Date of the Review Period: 

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Release Review



Architectural Issues: 

There've been 2 main objectives for this release:

  • Move codebase from Github to
  • Add support for Kepler and make it the default target for tooling and runtime component

Both of these objectives have been accomplished and additional features have been implemented and bugs haven been fixed - 99 tickets fixed (bugzilla query). 72 remain open (bugzilla query).

Security Issues: 

There are no known security issues

Non-Code Aspects: 

While transfering the codebase from github to we also migrated the following stuff to

We've been at various conferences (EclipseCon NA, JaX) and demo camps (Zürich, Munich and Vienna) showing of the tooling and runtime platform built on top of the Eclipse 4 Application Platform

Usability Details: 

While the version number is still below 1.0.0 the tooling is stable and used already in many projects and so does the runtime platform. The main reason for having a version of 0.9.0 is that the API provided is not yet finalized and appropriately documented.

End of Life: 

None of the components are EoL because this is the first release at


From a community point of view we see:

  • User: There's a steady flow of questions on the google group, the Eclipse Forum has not yet taken the same momentum
  • Adopter: We see more and more people adopting and or evaluating the runtime platform for their own e4 RCP projects
  • Developer: We've received already code contributions from an external party, contribution a completely new feature