Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform (PTP) 7.0.0 Release Review

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Release Review




The Parallel Tools Platform project provides tools and frameworks for developing parallel programs for high performance computing. This includes tools for statically analyzing source code in order to locate programming errors and simplify the use of parallel programming models, remote tools for working on applications located on remote machines, a framework for running and monitoring applications on a broad range of target systems, a parallel debugger, and a framework for integrating dynamic analysis tools (such as performance analysis) with Eclipse.

PTP includes the Photran subproject, which builds on CDT to add Fortran support.


This release focusses on improved usability, particulary for synchronized projects, and for running and monitoring applications on remote systems. It also contains a significant cleanup of APIs and plugin structure in order to simplify the ISV development.

Security Issues: 

PTP uses Jsch, so is impacted by security issues on this component.

Non-Code Aspects: 

Documentation has been updated to reflect the new functionality. This includes:

  • User documentation
  • ISV documentation

In addition, the PTP wiki maintains a number of articles and tutorials on PTP that are continually updated during the release cycle.

Usability Details: 

Improvements to usability have been focussed on the following components:

  • Synchronized projects and integration with CDT projects
  • Configurations for target systems
  • System monitoring

This will be an ongoing focus in future releases.

End of Life: 

A number of APIs that were deprecated in the previous release have been removed in this release. In addition, a major cleanup of APIs and plugin structure was undertaken to ensure conformance to Eclipse API standards.


The PTP project is a mature project that has an active and growing community.


  • There are 18 committers, and of these 10 actively contribute to the project
  • Two new committers were added in this release cycle
  • Two committers were expired in this release cycle


  • Mailing list participation becoming more active
  • Posts as well as contributions do show end user adoption


  • Monthy developer calls regularly have 10+ attendees
  • Monthly user calls have good attendances
  • Annual face-to-face developer/user meeting for last two years
  • 3-4 full day tutorials each year
  • Growing download numbers
Subprojects included with this release: 
Eclipse Tools Project
Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform (PTP)
This release is part of Kepler.