Eclipse Trace Compass 4.0.0

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This release targets these issues.
= resolved/fixed
= unsolved/reopened
Tracecompass (44)
Core (7)
  • 532769 Synchronizing new experiments do not work [resolved/fixed]
  • 532971 Trace compass doesn't show all CPUs in a android trace [resolved/fixed]
  • 532972 feature: Make CPU Resources view more easy to read for Android trace [unconfirmed/unresolved]
  • 532973 feature: show CPU frequency Row along with Threads.States for Android traces [reopened/unresolved]
  • 533420 Trace Compass appeared when rename some projects (e.g. cpp project) [resolved/fixed]
  • 534010 Incorrect CPU state in Resources view [resolved/fixed]
  • 535399 Show active threads returns invalid result [resolved/fixed]
LTTng (8)
  • 532015 visual separation of multiple contiguous threads in user mode not drawn in Resources view [resolved/fixed]
  • 532778 Incorrect process name in the "CPU Usage" view [resolved/fixed]
  • 533184 Java heap space exception in ResourcesView when kernel trace has no binary files [resolved/fixed]
  • 534044 CPU number in IRQ.SOFTIRQ tooltip of Resources view is not correct [resolved/fixed]
  • 534056 Resources View CPU states show soft_irq_raised when it should be in syscall [resolved/fixed]
  • 534655 IndexOutOfBoundsException in UstMemoryUsageDataProvider [resolved/fixed]
  • 534724 Incorrect resumed syscall after sched switch [resolved/fixed]
  • 535347 Control Flow view initially selects random entry [resolved/fixed]
State system (1)
  • 534101 Updating state sets the state value instead of object [resolved/fixed]
TMF (28)
  • 436888 Original experiment reappears after rename and copy [resolved/fixed]
  • 531357 TmfProjectRegistry opens BlockedJobsDialog from background task [resolved/fixed]
  • 531558 Opening trace can freeze UI during workspace operation [resolved/fixed]
  • 532127 Missing time events not shown properly in time graph views [resolved/fixed]
  • 532552 Deadlock deleting supplementary files [resolved/fixed]
  • 533510 : Closing and opening a C-project all traces in shadow project loose the trace types [resolved/fixed]
  • 534393 BaseDataProviderTimeGraphView broken by non-unique model ids [resolved/fixed]
  • 534704 Deletion of empty trace folder doesn't work [resolved/fixed]
  • 534715 XML: Views without labels are not shown [resolved/fixed]
  • 534717 NullPointerException in Histogram [resolved/fixed]
  • 534773 Sampling gaps not visible in XmlTimeGraphView [resolved/fixed]
  • 535034 AbstractSelectTreeViewer checked elements lost when switching traces [resolved/fixed]
  • 535071 IllegalStateException in BaseDataProviderTimeGraphView [resolved/fixed]
  • 535089 Deadlock in DataProviderManager [resolved/fixed]
  • 535132 The call graph statistics view is not populated [resolved/fixed]
  • 535305 Incorrect bounds for TimeEventFilterDialog [resolved/fixed]
  • 535340 Entries in BaseDataProviderView are not in sync with abstract ones [resolved/fixed]
  • 535394 Enable to filter with key.value string that have spaces [resolved/fixed]
  • 535397 Time event filter have excessive logging [resolved/fixed]
  • 535407 Inconsistent operator.parenthesis behavior with the time event filtering [resolved/fixed]
  • 535408 Time event filtering: Character '?' is not supported [resolved/fixed]
  • 535411 The NOT '!' operator has inconsistent behavior with complex filtering expression [resolved/fixed]
  • 535464 Broken trace symbolic links not deleted [resolved/fixed]
  • 535469 XML: Views for experiment analysis are empty [resolved/fixed]
  • 535605 Timegraph filter do no support hexadecimal comparison [resolved/fixed]
  • 535663 tmf: link with editor not working in some cases [resolved/fixed]
  • 535723 Timegraph view should support time event filter from different sources [resolved/fixed]
  • 535772 TMF: NLS error for profiling messages [resolved/fixed]