Eclipse GlassFish Tools Creation Review

End Date of the Review Period: 

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Eclipse GlassFish Tools


With the move of Java EE and GlassFish to the Eclipse Foundation, it makes sense to close the loop and bring over GlassFish Tools for Eclipse as well. Currently, GlassFish Tools for Eclipse is an EPL licensed project hosted by Oracle and released as part of Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse.


Eclipse GlassFish Tools is intended for integration of GlassFish with Eclipse Web Tools Platform. This includes, but not limited to, starting/stopping the server, publishing to the server and creating/editing server specific project artifacts.


Eclipse GlassFish Tools enables publishing of Eclipse IDE projects to GlassFish as well as controlling GlassFish server from within Eclipse IDE. It extends Eclipse Web Tools Platform.

Why Here?: 

Since Java EE and GlassFish will now reside at Eclipse Foundation, it makes sense to close the loop and bring over the requisite tooling.

Initial Contribution: 

The initial contribution will include the existing mature Eclipse GlassFish Tools component that currently supports GF3 and 4. Oracle holds the copyright and the code is already licensed under EPL.

Project Scheduling: 

The initial contribution will be made as soon as requisite infrastructure is ready. The project will release on an independent schedule from WTP.

Future Work: 

Eclipse GlassFish 5 support

Project Leads: 
Konstantin Komissarchik
Interested Parties: 

Alexander Salvanos