List of Projects

Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project

The Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) project extends the Eclipse platform with tools for developing Web and Java EE applications. It includes source and graphical editors for a variety of languages

Eclipse Data Tools Platform

The Eclipse Data Tools Platform™ provides extensible frameworks and exemplary tools, enabling a diverse set of plug-in offerings specific to particular data-centric technologies.

Eclipse Target Management: Terminal and Remote System Explorer (RSE)

The Eclipse Target Management project creates data models and frameworks to configure and manage remote systems, their connections, and their services. Our main offerings are the Remote System

Eclipse Handly™

The Eclipse Handly™ project provides basic building blocks for handle-based models, with an emphasis on language-specific source code models of the underlying Eclipse workspace. It allows creating

Eclipse GlassFish

Eclipse GlassFish® is a complete application server that implements the Jakarta EE specification. GlassFish includes implementations of all required and optional Jakarta EE APIs, and passes all

Eclipse Californium (Cf) CoAP Framework

Eclipse Californium™ (Cf) is an open source implementation of the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP). It is written in Java and targets unconstrained environments such as back-end service infrastructures (e.g., proxies, resource directories, or cloud services) and less constrained environments such as embedded devices running Linux (e.g., smart home/factory controllers or cellular gateways).

Eclipse Scout

Eclipse Scout™ is a one-stop framework with straight concepts, a strong application model and a versatile UI. It enables you to develop professional software in Java or TypeScript.

Eclipse WindowBuilder

Issues: Discussions: Eclipse WindowBuilder™ is composed of Eclipse SWT

Eclipse Conformity Assessment Policy and Credential Profile

This proposal contributes to implements an end-to-end holistic approach to seamlessly integrate, anchor, and enforce negotiated data exchange agreements throughout the underlying infrastructure...

Eclipse ThreadX

Eclipse ThreadX® provides a vendor-neutral, open source, safety certified OS for real-time applications.

Eclipse openDuT

Eclipse openDuT automates the testing and validation process for automotive software and applications. This includes offering a framework for the testing and validation process but also includes

Eclipse ShellWax

Eclipse ShellWax™ will provide editor for *.sh files with: outline autocomplete error markers hover help and other common editor functions. Executing shell scripts from inside the IDE and seeing

Eclipse RDF4J

Eclipse RDF4J™ is an RDF ( Resource Description Framework) Java framework. It provides functionality for efficient and scalable parsing, storage, querying, and reasoning with RDF data, and a vendor

Eclipse Vert.x

Eclipse Vert.x™ is an asynchronous application platform for the modern web and enterprise. Vert.x has a very simple concurrency model. Vert.x allows you to write all your code as single threaded, this

Jakarta Servlet

Jakarta Servlet™ is a standard technology for interacting with the web on the Jakarta EE platform.

Eclipse Sisu

Eclipse Sisu is a modular JSR330-based container that supports classpath scanning, auto-binding, and dynamic auto-wiring. Sisu uses Google-Guice to perform dependency injection and provide the core

Eclipse Dataspace Decentralized Claims Protocol

Technical DetailsDCP defines the following protocol flows.1. Base Identity Protocol (BIP)The *Base Identity Protocol* defines how to obtain and communicate participant identities and claims using self

Eclipse Tools for Faces

The JSF Tools Project adds comprehensive support to the Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project to simplify development and deployment of JavaServer Faces (JSF) applications. The project provides an

Eclipse Modeling Framework - Container Project

This is just an umbrella project. Please use the "Related Projects" navigation to the bottom right for details about the subprojects.

Eclipse Free BIRD Tools

By providing open-source tools for the BIRD project , the Eclipse Free BIRD Tools™ project hopes to remove barriers to understanding, contribution, trial, and adoption of the BIRD. The artefacts