Eclipse ATL 3.8.0 Release Review

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

This release contains the following minor enhancements/bugfixes:

  • Bug 496434 - Assigning a collection of collections to a many-valued property results in a ClassCastException

  • Bug 499982 - Evaluating VMException.toString() may throw new VMException

  • Bug 488223 - EMFTVMUtil#getMethodSignature() causes method lookup collisions

  • Bug 514599 - ISE opening *.atl in standalone

  • Bug 514602 - Spurious "already registered by another EPackage instance"

  • Bug 514607 - Missing "Add ATL Nature"

  • Make LazyList implement EList.

This release is part of Oxygen.


Eclipse ATL 3.8.0


This release contains minor enhancements/bugfixes and ensures compatibility with Eclipse Oxygen.

This release is part of Eclipse Oxygen.
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This release is part of Oxygen.