Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse 4.8.0 Release Review

End Date of the Review Period: 

Reviews run for a minimum of one week. The outcome of the review is decided on this date. This is the last day to make comments or ask questions about this review.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017




  • Support pulling remote branches to apply them on detached HEAD (Bug 485396). 
  • Support multiple ICommitMessageProvider implementations (Bug 376388)

Usability Improvements

  • Use action verbs as button label
    • Change confirm hard reset dialog Yes- and No-button label (Bug 514470)
    • Change discard local changes dialog OK-button label
    • Use verbs in PullResultDialog instead of OK (Bug 514320
  • Set focus when context menu in staging view appears
  • Adds mnemonics to the buttons in the git staging view
  • Make double click on a staging view folder node expand it
  • Improve progress reporting for submodules
  • Open the clone wizard when a git URL is dropped anywhere on Eclipse (Bug 513247
  • Non-blocking content-assist in FetchGerritChangePage (Bug 515733
  • Refactor and simplify FetchGerritChangePage, remove foreground execution option (Bug 496493
  • Improve pasting into Change field in FetchGerritChangePage
  • Give the tag field in FetchGerritChangePage a BranchNameNormalizer
  • Expand/collapse folder nodes in DiffEditorOutline on double click
  • Improve branch name field in FetchGerritChangePage
  • Add a BranchNameNormalizer to the PushBranchPage (Bug 515279
  • Adds mnemonics to the buttons in the git staging view (Bug 515040
  • Add mnemonic to "Continue" button in "Running Launch" dialog (Bug 514480

Performance Improvements

  • Avoid multiple tree-walks in model-aware git synchronizations (Bug 516358
  • Throttle updates of the EclipseGitProgressTransformer (Bug 516276

Build and Release Engineering

  • Update jetty to 9.4.5
  • Update maven plugins
  • Update Oomph setup
  • Update Orbit dependencies to the Oxygen version R20170516192513

Bug Fixes

  • Don't auto-share for closed projects or for bare repositories
  • Prevent NoWorkTreeException in GitProjectData (Bug 517056
  • Fix NPE in RepositorySelectionPage (Bug 517044
  • Remove many default handlers (Bug 495064)
  • CommitEditor: fix check-out button display (Bug 516679)
  • Fix synchronize with deleted resources (Bug 516426
  • Fix node selection in AbstractBranchSelectionDialog (Bug 516411
  • Workaround for HiDPI line number rulers on macOS retina (Bug 516322
  • Look for core_defaultRepositoryDir in all preference scopes (Bug 496737
  • Fix NPE in SubmoduleUpdateCommand (Bug 514936
  • SpellCheckingMessageArea cleanup & prevent NPE when spellcheck disabled (Bug 515999
  • Workaround to enable linking multiple resources to HistoryView (Bug 392948
  • Make HyperlinkTokenScanner more robust (Bug 515730
  • Load the reflog view asynchronously (Bug 515606
  • Fix representation toggle commands in the repositories view (Bug 495064
  • Update EGit state when only FETCH_HEAD changes (Bug 437362
  • Don't decorate when the workspace is not yet ready. (Bug 515994
  • Add a sanity check against misbehaving IAdaptables (Bug 515993
  • Fix "checkout" used as a verb to "check out"



This release is part of Eclipse Oxygen.
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