The Eclipse Architecture Council (AC) is a body of battle-hardened Eclipse committers. All new projects are required to have a minimum of two mentors taken from the ranks of the AC. Your project mentors will help you find answers to any questions you may have about the Eclipse Development Process and life-in-general within the Eclipse community. If your mentor doesn't have an answer to your question, they can draw on the wisdom of the full AC and the EMO.

Name Project Active date
Jeff McAffer rt.jetty May 22, 2009
Jeff McAffer rt.virgo March 30, 2010
Jeff McAffer tools.mat December 15, 2008
John Graham soa.jwt November 24, 2008
John Graham technology.bpmn2-modeler July 13, 2011
Jim Hughes automotive.kuksa December 6, 2017
Jim Hughes locationtech.geobench December 2, 2015
Jim Hughes locationtech.geoperil May 4, 2016
Jim Hughes locationtech.proj4j September 7, 2016
Jim Hughes locationtech.rasterframes March 7, 2018
Jim Hughes technology.imagen September 7, 2016
Jochen Krause soa.swordfish June 16, 2009
Jesse McConnell asciidoc.asciidoc-lang July 21, 2020
Jesse McConnell asciidoc.austen April 19, 2021
Jesse McConnell ecd.langium June 26, 2023
Jonah Graham iot.embed-cdt December 18, 2019
Jonah Graham technology.jbom April 5, 2022
John Arthorne automotive.winery January 17, 2014
John Arthorne ecd.cft August 19, 2015
John Arthorne ecd.dirigible March 18, 2015