The Eclipse Architecture Council (AC) is a body of battle-hardened Eclipse committers. All new projects are required to have a minimum of two mentors taken from the ranks of the AC. Your project mentors will help you find answers to any questions you may have about the Eclipse Development Process and life-in-general within the Eclipse community. If your mentor doesn't have an answer to your question, they can draw on the wisdom of the full AC and the EMO.

Name Project Active date
Cedric Brun polarsys.b612 November 2, 2016
Cedric Brun polarsys.kitalpha April 9, 2014
Cedric Brun rt.apricot May 11, 2011
Cedric Brun soa.ebam May 6, 2010
David Carver October 12, 2011
David Carver soa.bpmnmodeler December 17, 2008
David Carver soa.ebam May 6, 2010
David Carver soa.ebpm March 3, 2011
David Carver tools.pdt.incubator March 2, 2010
David Carver webtools.vjet August 8, 2012
Darin Wright tools.objectteams March 10, 2010
David Williams iot.paho January 5, 2012
David Williams technology.omr March 2, 2016
David Williams tools.edt December 14, 2010
David Williams webtools.incubator January 14, 2009
David Williams webtools.jsdt March 15, 2010
David Carlson modeling.mdht August 5, 2015
Doug Clarke rt.gemini March 20, 2010