OpenHW Group Top Level Project Charter


The OpenHW Group provides an infrastructure for hosting high quality open-source HW developments in line with industry best practices. 

This charter was developed in accordance with the Eclipse Development Process and will outline the mission, scope, organization, and development process for the OpenHW Group Top Level Project. This document extends the Eclipse Standard Top-Level Charter v1.2, and includes the required content and overrides which follow. It is anticipated that as the standard charter is updated, this charter will incorporate the changes and make adjustments as seen fit by the PMC, and with approval from the EMO and Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors.

Descriptive name: OpenHW Group

Nickname: OpenHW


The mission of OpenHW Group is to develop and standardize the free and open-source semiconductor intellectual property. produce processor subsystem IP, tools and software for electronic system designers to facilitate rapid design innovation and ensure effective manufacturability of high-volume production System on Chips (SoCs).


The project scope includes the open-source IP block design, verification, eval chip design, eval board design and related SW tools all for use in high volume production SoCs..


All products produced by the OpenHW Group shall be covered by one or more of:

  • Solderpad Hardware License, SHL v2.0

  • Apache License v2.0

  • Eclipse Public License, v2.0

SHL is a permissive license implemented as a 'wrapper' around Apache v2.0.  See for more information.

Note that some artifacts may be covered by SHL v0.51 or soley Apache v2.0 only (not SHL).


OpenHW Group®  is a registered trademark of OpenHW Group and is used under license by the Eclipse Foundation.