Project Lead

The project lead is more of a position of responsibility than one of power. The project lead is immediately responsible for the overall well-being of the project. They own and manage the project's development process, coordinate development, facilitate discussion amongst project committers, ensure that the Eclipse IP policy is being observed by the project and more. If you have questions about your project, the Eclipse Development Process, or anything else, ask your project lead.

Project Lead
Name Project Active date
Eric Cloninger tools.andmore January 5, 2015
Eric Cloninger tools.sequoyah August 1, 2008
Erwin De Ley science.triquetrum September 17, 2015
Eric Dillon technology.tigerstripe January 10, 2008
Erich Gamma eclipse.jdt August 23, 2005
Elena Gramatova iot.kanto October 21, 2021
Emily Jiang ee4j.jakartaconfig October 21, 2021
Ege Korkan iot.thingweb September 29, 2023
Eugene Kuleshov technology.m2e June 9, 2008
Eriawan Kusumawardhono tools.acute July 15, 2019
Elemer Lelik tools.titan August 27, 2014
Evgeny Mandrikov technology.eclemma July 27, 2016
Ed Merks modeling May 10, 2006
Ed Merks modeling July 10, 2012
Ed Merks modeling.emf August 8, 2005
Ed Merks modeling.emf.emf March 3, 2010
Ed Merks modeling.emft August 30, 2005
Ed Merks modeling.emft.b3 November 19, 2009
Ed Merks modeling.mdt.xsd December 4, 2009
Ed Merks technology.justj April 14, 2020