Project Lead

The project lead is more of a position of responsibility than one of power. The project lead is immediately responsible for the overall well-being of the project. They own and manage the project's development process, coordinate development, facilitate discussion amongst project committers, ensure that the Eclipse IP policy is being observed by the project and more. If you have questions about your project, the Eclipse Development Process, or anything else, ask your project lead.

Project Lead
Name Project Active date
Gorkem Ercan September 29, 2016
Gorkem Ercan tools.mtj June 28, 2010
Gorkem Ercan tools.thym May 21, 2014
Guillaume Grossetie asciidoc.asciidoc-lang November 9, 2022
Guy Gurfinkel tools.pdt July 1, 2008
Guy Harpaz tools.pdt March 28, 2006
George Hernandez iot.volttron April 18, 2019
Gabriela Krey├čing automotive.velocitas June 7, 2022
Goulwen Le Fur modeling.eef April 10, 2009
Gerwin Mathwig technology.mdmweb September 10, 2014
Gaetan Morice technology.koneki June 10, 2011
Gunnar Morling ee4j.validation July 17, 2019
Glyn Normington rt.gemini February 18, 2010
Glyn Normington rt.virgo March 3, 2010
Georgi Pavlov ecd.dirigible June 6, 2019
Grigory Pomadchin locationtech.geotrellis January 5, 2022
Gyorgy Rethy tools.titan September 3, 2014
Graeme Rocher ee4j.odi November 3, 2021