Project Lead

The project lead is more of a position of responsibility than one of power. The project lead is immediately responsible for the overall well-being of the project. They own and manage the project's development process, coordinate development, facilitate discussion amongst project committers, ensure that the Eclipse IP policy is being observed by the project and more. If you have questions about your project, the Eclipse Development Process, or anything else, ask your project lead.

Project Lead
Name Project Active date
Alexandre MUNSCH iot.keypop June 26, 2023
Aart van Baren ecd.openvsx March 31, 2023
Andreas Looft automotive.arche November 28, 2022
Andrew Katz technology.corinthian January 10, 2024
Andy Piper iot.paho May 14, 2013
Alexander Nyssen tools.gef October 16, 2013
Alexander Nyssen tools.gef July 6, 2020
Andreas Orzelski dt.aaspe March 28, 2022
Andreas Orzelski dt.aaswc April 6, 2022
Andrew Overholt tools.linuxtools December 6, 2006
Andrey Platov technology.dltk January 3, 2007
Alexander Prahl automotive.openpass October 6, 2016
Aurélien Pupier modeling.gmf-runtime January 4, 2017
Ansgar Radermacher polarsys.esf December 3, 2019
Axel Rennoch technology.iottestware June 7, 2017
Andreas Riexinger automotive.autowrx July 24, 2023
Andreas Riexinger automotive.velocitas June 7, 2022
Arne Zörb automotive.sommr March 3, 2023
Antoine Sabot-Durand ee4j.cdi July 15, 2019
Athanasios Salamanis ecd.opensmartclide October 5, 2022
Abel Salgado Romero asciidoc.austen April 21, 2021