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Tuesday, October 17, 2023 - 08:31 by Stephen Walli

The Eclipse ThreadX Project is an embedded development suite that includes a real-time operating system that provides reliable, fast performance for resource-constrained devices. Eclipse ThreadX has a long history before coming to the Eclipse Foundation, supports most popular 32-bit microcontrollers, and is deployed on more than 12 billion devices worldwide. Eclipse ThreadX provides a vendor-neutral, open source licensed, safety-certified OS for real-time applications. Eclipse Foundation members wanting to discuss the evolution and support of the Eclipse ThreadX project ecosystem should join the ThreadX interest group. The intent of the this Interest Group is to investigate the formation of a ThreadX Working Group.



The intent of the ThreadX Interest Group is to investigate the formation of a ThreadX Working Group supporting the Eclipse ThreadX projects. Topics for discussion and investigation include:

  • Support and maintenance of the Eclipse ThreadX safety certifications. This is an annual cost and a collection of members in a WG would be a good way to amortize the cost of maintaining the certifications across companies with a direct interest and benefit in doing so.
  • Establishment of a branding program for Eclipse ThreadX projects to support growth in the upstream ecosystem and a marketplace for member downstream products.
  • Development of an Eclipse ThreadX Marketplace. Eclipse has a track record over the years of supporting marketplace development (e.g. the original Eclipse IDE market). The interest group could investigate if such a marketplace development function would help working group members expand business as a place, for example, to host pluggable drivers, ThreadX add-ons, and integrations, etc.
  • Development of an Eclipse ThreadX Ecosystem. Beyond the immediacy of a marketplace, the Eclipse Foundation has a long history of supporting and growing developer ecosystems around Eclipse projects through events, technical discussions, training, and specifications development.
  • Establishment of possible Eclipse ThreadX compatibility programs to support marketplace growth.
  • Support the sustainable funding of the ThreadX initiative, its projects, brands, and safety certifications.
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