Type B - Full IP Due Diligience (License, Provenance, Scanning)

All third-party content is reviewed and certified as license-compatible with the project license, and has had the provenance validated and content scanned for anomalies by the Eclipse IP Team.

Eclipse Lyo 2.2.0

Updating 2.1.2 to address a few key open issues, get eclipse and maven builds working together, and catch up with HEAD.

Release Date: 
Friday, July 7, 2017

Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git 4.7.1

Bug Fixes

  • ArchiveCommand: Create prefix entry with commit time
  • Run auto GC in the background. Execute gc at maximum once per day if number of loose unreachable objects which didn't expire yet exceeds gc.auto limit.
  • RepoCommand
    • Cleanup and test trailing slash handling in ManifestParser
    • ManifestParser: Throw exception if remote does not have fetch attribute
Release Date: 
Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Eclipse MicroProfile 2.0

Another release targetted for JavaOne 2017.  This release would target the Java EE 8 technology updates (CDI 2.0, JAX-RS 2.1, JSON-P 1.1).  Another strong contender is JSON-B 1.0.  Whatever technologies make up the current MicroProfile 1.x release would also be included.

Release Date: 
Saturday, September 30, 2017