List of Projects

Eclipse Whiskers logo.

Eclipse Whiskers

Whiskers is an OGC SensorThings API framework consisting of a JavaScript client and a light-weight server for IoT gateways (e.g., Raspbe


Eclipse Winery logo.

Eclipse Winery

Eclipse Winery is a web-based environment to graphically model TOSCA topologies and plans managing these topologies. The environment includes a type and template management component to offer creation and modification of all elements defined in the TOSCA specification. All information is stored in a repository, which allows importing and exporting using the TOSCA packaging format.


Eclipse XACC logo.

Eclipse XACC

Hybrid classical-quantum computing paradigms are posed to benefit the scientific applications that are ubiquitous within the scientific computing research community, including modeling an


Eclipse Xsemantics logo.

Eclipse Xsemantics

Eclipse Xsemantics is a DSL (implemented in Xtext itself) for writing type systems, reduction rules, interpreters and general relation rules for languages implemented in Xtext.


Fortran Development Tools (Photran) logo.

Fortran Development Tools (Photran)

The aim of the Parallel Tools Platform project is to produce an open-source industry-strength platform that provides a highly integrated environment specifically designed for parallel application d


Gemini Naming logo.

Gemini Naming

The Gemini Naming project implements support for using the Java Naming and Directory Interface™ (also known as JNDI™) within an OSGi environment.


Graphical Editing Framework 3D logo.

Graphical Editing Framework 3D

GEF3D is an Eclipse GEF extension bringing 3D to diagram editing. That is with GEF3D you can create 3D diagrams, 2D diagrams and combine 3D with 2D diagrams. GEF3D extends GEF by providing 3D enabled draw and controller classes. Instead of drawing 2D figures, you can now draw 3D figures. Existing GEF-based 2D editors can be embedded into 3D editors with minimal effort. This is achieved by projecting the output of the embedded editors onto 3D planes and bridging the gap between 2D and 3D content: 3D objects can transparently access 2D content and vice versa. Additionally, multi-diagram editors can be created by combining several single diagram editors. For example multiple 2D diagrams can be displayed and edited simultaneously on different planes and 3D elements can be used to display inter-model connections. Fully 3D graph based editors can be implemented with little or no knowledge of 3D programming since the framework is used exactly the same way as the original 2D framework.


LocationTech logo.


The LocationTech Technology (LTT) project fosters, promotes, and houses location aware efforts in the LocationTech community.


LocationTech GeoBench logo.

LocationTech GeoBench

GeoBench provides a framework for benchmarking the performance of geospatial databases handling big data ingest and query tasks.


LocationTech GeoMesa logo.

LocationTech GeoMesa

LocationTech GeoMesa is an Apache licensed open source suite of tools that enables large-scale geospatial analytics on cloud and distributed computing systems, letting you manage and analyze the huge spatio-temporal datasets that IoT, social media, tracking, and mobile phone applications seek to take advantage of today.


LocationTech GeoWave logo.

LocationTech GeoWave

LocationTech GeoWave leverages the scalability of a distributed key-value store for effective storage, retrieval, and analysis of massive geospatial datasets. 

LocationTech JTS Topology Suite logo.

LocationTech JTS Topology Suite

The LocationTech JTS Topology Suite (JTS) is an open source Java software library that provides an object model for planar geometry together with a set of fundamental geometric functions.


LocationTech libspatialindex logo.

LocationTech libspatialindex

LocationTech libspatialindex is a "Gang of Four"-inspired C/C++ library for implementation of spatial indexes.


LocationTech Proj4J logo.

LocationTech Proj4J

LocationTech Proj4J is a Java port of the widely used Proj.4 library for coordinate reprojection.  While Proj.4 is widely used and battle-tested, some projects benefit from a pure-Java impleme


LocationTech Raster Processing Engine logo.

LocationTech Raster Processing Engine

Create a raster processing engine:
  • Modern Java API using Java 8 constructs, literate programing style, as appropriate
  • Pure Java implementation

LocationTech SFCurve logo.

LocationTech SFCurve

The LocationTech SFCurve library is a Scala library for the creation, transformation, and querying of space-filling curves (http


LocationTech uDig: User-friendly Desktop Internet GIS logo.

LocationTech uDig: User-friendly Desktop Internet GIS

uDig is an open source desktop application framework, built with Eclipse Rich Client (RCP) technology. uDig provides a complete Java solution for desktop GIS data access, editing, and viewing.