Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) 4.4.0

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This release targets these issues.
= resolved/fixed
= unsolved/reopened
BIRT (55)
Build (3)
  • 414179 org.eclipse.birt.jetty.overlay fragment is hosted by the system bundle, causing initial conflicts [resolved/fixed]
  • 429867 duplicate POI classes causes SecurityException [closed/duplicate]
  • 433536 BIRT: Address BIRT Build Problems with Latest ICU Version [resolved/fixed]
Chart (8)
  • 357715 Remove the space left by a removed legend [resolved/worksforme]
  • 361156 ClassCastException if using Java EventHandler on radar chart [resolved/wontfix]
  • 363825 Other than english language ,the birt chart is showing boxes in graph. [resolved/worksforme]
  • 369889 BIRT Chart example for live data is using Generator.refresh() and After fix only axes redraw, not the data. [resolved/worksforme]
  • 372016 Scatter Chart data points order [resolved/worksforme]
  • 417384 label position for gantt chart is moved to left [resolved/worksforme]
  • 422144 Line Chart displays Data Points for Null Values [resolved/invalid]
  • 429410 Birt Bar chat removes duplicate columns [resolved/worksforme]
Data (1)
  • 428196 Useless tracing messages logged with INFO level [resolved/fixed]
Data Access (1)
  • 409905 miss shorcut for 'use trailing null columns' in flatfile Data source ->Property Binding [resolved/fixed]
Report (1)
  • 343527 JDBC Data Source parameters copied from library to report [reopened/unresolved]
Report Designer (32)
  • 109568 Focus is modified after "Undo" in layout view. [resolved/worksforme]
  • 290478 Syntax error cannot be found in Expression builder [resolved/wontfix]
  • 307326 BIDI3.6: Inserting Columns to the right and the left in grids and tables results in positioning the new column in the wrong place [resolved/worksforme]
  • 319414 Project reference between report project and Java project not working with Java event handlers and Javascript [resolved/worksforme]
  • 323731 I attempted to run a BIRT report within a third party software (CarlSource). The report failed to execute and generated the error message displayed below. [resolved/worksforme]
  • 339361 Poor Report Designer performance on large reports [resolved/worksforme]
  • 343338 before_open causing strange errors [resolved/worksforme]
  • 346850 Report Designer wraps labels with multiples words on multiple lines [resolved/wontfix]
  • 350239 org.mozilla.javascript.EvaluatorException: missing ; before statement (#1) [resolved/worksforme]
  • 353324 Report parameter values decrement by 1 hour each time report is refreshed [resolved/worksforme]
  • 354545 Birt Sum the integer or decimal as string [resolved/worksforme]
  • 363189 Error connecting to database with DATA_ENCRYPT authenication [resolved/worksforme]
  • 367262 The report file of version "3.2.22" is invalid for it is greater than the latest supported one. [resolved/worksforme]
  • 394488 BIRT Design Viewer hangs after few seconds [resolved/worksforme]
  • 405319 Unable to draw table header labels from dataset [resolved/worksforme]
  • 411005 DataSetBasePage doesn't allow to change data set name from keyboard [resolved/worksforme]
  • 411380 Changes in XML datasource column map wizard are not persisted [resolved/worksforme]
  • 411982 Water Mark image file cannot loctated in production server. [resolved/worksforme]
  • 415925 NPE in Eclipse Kepler Log, workspace no longer useable [resolved/worksforme]
  • 416874 Duplicate context id value [resolved/fixed]
  • 417040 Preferences - Syntax Coloring context sensitive help does not work [resolved/fixed]
  • 417044 Properties Files - Add File dialog uses wrong context-sensitive help [resolved/fixed]
  • 417964 Switch extensions from depreciated org.eclipse.core.runtime.contentTypes to org.eclipse.core.contenttype.contentTypes [resolved/fixed]
  • 417966 Fix typos in comments [resolved/fixed]
  • 418200 Line Numbers do not appear in the SCRIPT window [resolved/fixed]
  • 421441 CrosstabHandleAdapter.ModelComparator violates Comparator contract and causes IllegalArgumentException in Java 7 [resolved/fixed]
  • 421879 Remove the preview tab in BIRT report editor [resolved/fixed]
  • 422357 Changing master page to US Ledger makes it so you can't open the report [resolved/fixed]
  • 424522 Relative Time Period - drop down is empy [resolved/worksforme]
  • 431886 NullPointer exception when opening report [closed/duplicate]
  • 432844 BIRT Designer crashes when changing master page type to A3 [resolved/duplicate]
  • 436253 unable to open a rptdesign [closed/duplicate]
Report Engine (6)
  • 364406 java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException during PDF rendition [resolved/fixed]
  • 380216 Increase the birt styles priority with the '!important' css annotation [resolved/wontfix]
  • 381745 Bookmarks missing from PDF Reports [resolved/fixed]
  • 387778 EngineConfig.setFontConfig does not follow custom fontsConfig.xml [resolved/worksforme]
  • 390540 External Javascript referenced by library not available during execution of IRenderTask [resolved/fixed]
  • 390611 Out of Memory error on rowId = IOUtil.readString( dis ); call [resolved/worksforme]
Report Viewer (2)
  • 362057 Changing or mapping fonts using fontsConfig.xml became impossible in BIRT 3.7 [reopened/unresolved]
  • 430057 Formatting Problem: Auto Layout confines nested child tables to parent tables first column width only (ignores merged cells) [resolved/fixed]
wiki (1)
  • 314173 BIRT Extension Tutorial needs to be updated to remove dependency on ui bundle [resolved/wontfix]