Eclipse Tools for Cloud Foundry 1.0.3 (Neon.3)

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This release targets these issues.
= resolved/fixed
= unsolved/reopened
CFT (8)
General (8)
  • 501186 Error shown when application deployment is cancelled: Missing application deployment information [resolved/fixed]
  • 501218 NPE after deleting app [resolved/worksforme]
  • 505589 Adopt Cloud Foundry Java client v2 [closed/fixed]
  • 508008 Ensure that null application delegate for unsupported modules throw exception [new/unresolved]
  • 509481 Empty manifest.yml does not allow saving of new manifest content [resolved/fixed]
  • 509490 Unlink Project causes module to disappear [new/unresolved]
  • 510765 CloudControllerResponseErrorHandler does not include description field of 5XX errors [closed/fixed]
  • 511867 Allow CF services used in CFT JUnit to be externally defined [resolved/fixed]