Eclipse Orion 12.0

Release Date

The main deliverables for the Orion 12.0 release are a development environment that runs in the browser with a multi-user server based on a Node or Java back end.

With each of these two runtimes, the client code representing the features of Orion will be served to a supported browser and allow additional functionality to be installed client side through a plug-in framework.

Primary support is for Web programming languages, however any file type can be edited.



Orion aims to provide compatibility for plugins. Plugins written for previous versions of Orion, that only use well documented services, will continue to work in Orion 12.0.

Documented server REST API has only changed in compatible ways. Existing client code running against previous versions of the Orion server (either Java or Node) will continue to work in Orion 12.0.

No compatibility is provided within Orion server code, on either Java or Node servers.



All client side messages are externalized, and if additional language packs are present they will be used, based on the browser's language settings. Server strings are not externalized.

Target Environments

Java7 Based runtime for the Orion Server

Node.js (> v0.10.21) Based runtime for the Orion Node Server

Client Side Browser Support

  • Chrome/Chromium 48+
  • Firefox 45+
  • IE 11+
  • Safari 8+



JavaScript Tooling

Cross-file linting (for example, ability to determine whether a function is used across scripts), Orion tooling outside of Orion (investigate making tooling available to JSDT, other editors), enhancements to the standalone "CodeEdit" widget

Orion Node Server

Implement missing features for git and multi-user support, implement missing features to support an Electron application

Plugin Model

Investigate improvements to allow plugins more access to browser features


Improve accessibility by addressing problems in traversal, coloring and screen reading
This release is part of Neon