Eclipse Hono 0.7

This release focuses on stabilizing and improving the Command & Control functionality that has been introduced as a Technology Preview in Hono 0.6. In particular

  • the MQTT protocol adapter now also supports the Command & Control functionality
  • protocol adapters now support receiving a response from a device in reply to a command that has been sent to the device

Hono now supports the tracing of messages flowing through the system by means of OpenTracing instrumentation. In particular, Hono supports Jaeger tracing as the OpenTracing implementation.

In addition, Hono will include a new experimental protocol adapter for connecting devices that use AMQP 1.0 as the transport protocol.

Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
Name Date Description
0.7-M1 2018/06/21 - initial support for connecting devices using AMQP - allow services to use additional libraries from paths defined on startup
0.7-M2 2018/07/18 - allow devices to send a response in reply to a command received via HTTP adapter - support Command & Control in MQTT adapter - initial support for distributed tracing based on OpenTracing