Eclipse Hono 1.11.0

This minor release introduces the following new features

  • The Authentication Server now also reports the hono.connections.attempts metric which counts the number of authentication attempts made by clients.
  • The JDBC DB based registry now also supports enforcement of registration limits configured at the tenant level. In particular, the maximum number of devices and the maximum number of credentials per device can be set in a tenant's registration-limits property. Please refer to the User Guide for details.
  • Kafka clients used by a component can now be configured individually instead of all clients of a type using the same configuration. The prefixes that are prepended to the configuration properties of the native Kafka client have changed. For existing configuration properties prefixed with hono.kafka.commonClientConfig properties, no change is needed. Other configurations with specific consumer/producer/admin client properties have to be adapted. Please refer to the Hono Kafka Client Configuration Guide for details.
  • The protocol adapters now include a ttl header/property in every message being forwarded, regardless of message type. This allows a consumer of a message to easily determine if the message should be processed or considered expired already. The device registry supports the definition of default ttl values for the different types of messages at both the tenant and device level. Please refer to the Tenant API for details regarding the corresponding default property names to use.
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Minor release