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Eclipse Kuksa unifies technologies across the vehicle, IoT, cloud, and security domains in order to provide an open source ecosystem to developers addressing challenges of the electrified and connected vehicle era. In-vehicle and cloud applications as well as their development infrastructure, maintenance approaches, security, and over-the-air (OTA) update and upgrade management are, with a few exceptions, completely within the scope of Eclipse Kuksa.

Currently, vehicle connectivity applies to mobile networks (and related infrastructure such as clouds, servers, etc.), other vehicles, and local infrastructures (traffic lights, local entities cf. edge computing). Although proprietary approaches provide partial solutions, developers have no access to either open source solutions nor comprehensive ecosystems that allow common connected vehicle development initiatives across suppliers, original equipment manufacturer (OEM), and tooling enterprises. Eclipse Kuksa brings comprehensive connectivity solutions to the public while combining diverse technologies of vehicle, IoT, cloud, and security domains.

While safety is out of scope, Eclipse Kuksa addresses maintenance through providing, but not applying, OTA updates or upgrades, Cloud, and in-vehicle applications, as well as state-of-the-art platforms and technologies for in-vehicle communication and data transmission. Demonstration applications will be made available, but sophisticated cloud and in-vehicle applications are generally subject to community or closed-source development processes. Working with this premise, Eclipse Kuksa will support all the necessary development technologies required for such applications.

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Creation Review2017-12-06