Eclipse Mosquitto 1.4.8

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This is a security bugfix release.

- Wills published by clients connected to a listener with mount_point defined
  now correctly obey the mount point. This was a potential security risk
  because it allowed clients to publish messages outside of their restricted
  mount point. This is only affects brokers where the mount_point option is in
  use. Closes #487178.
- Fix detection of broken connections on Windows. Closes #485143.
- Close stdin etc. when daemonised. Closes #485589.
- Fix incorrect detection of FreeBSD and OpenBSD. Closes #485131.

Client library:
- mosq->want_write should be cleared immediately before a call to SSL_write,
  to allow clients using mosquitto_want_write() to get accurate results.

Release Date: 
Sunday, February 14, 2016
Release Type: 
Service release (bug fixes only)