Eclipse Mosquitto 1.5.1

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This is a bugfix release.

- Fix plugin cleanup function not being called on exit of the broker.
  Closes #900.
- Print more OpenSSL errors when loading certificates/keys fail.
- Use AF_UNSPEC etc. instead of PF_UNSPEC to comply with POSIX. Closes #863.
- Remove use of AI_ADDRCONFIG, which means the broker can be used on systems
  where only the loopback interface is defined. Closes #869, Closes #901.
- Fix IPv6 addresses not being able to be used as bridge addresses.
  Closes #886.
- All clients now time out if they exceed their keepalive*1.5, rather than
  just reach it. This was inconsistent in two places.
- Fix segfault on startup if bridge CA certificates could not be read.
  Closes #851.
- Fix problem opening listeners on Pi caused by unsigned char being default.
  Found via #849.
- ACL patterns that do not contain either %c or %u now produce a warning in
  the log. Closes #209.
- Fix bridge publishing failing when per_listener_settings was true. Closes
- Fix `use_identity_as_username true` not working. Closes #833.
- Fix UNSUBACK messages not being logged. Closes #903.
- Fix possible endian issue when reading the `memory_limit` option.
- Fix building for libwebsockets < 1.6.
- Fix accessor functions for username and client id when used in plugin auth

- Fix some places where return codes were incorrect, including to the
  on_disconnect() callback. This has resulted in two new error codes,
- Fix connection problems when mosquitto_loop_start() was called before
  mosquitto_connect_async(). Closes #848.

- When compiled using WITH_TLS=no, the default port was incorrectly being set
  to -1. This has been fixed.
- Fix compiling on Mac OS X <10.12. Closes #813 and #240.

- Fixes for building on NetBSD. Closes #258.
- Fixes for building on FreeBSD.
- Add support for compiling with static libwebsockets library.


Release Date: 
Thursday, August 16, 2018
Release Type: 
Service release (bug fixes only)