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LocationTech GeoGig 1.2.0 Release Review

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The GeoGig team is pleased to announce the release of GeoGig 1.2.0!

This release has three major changes:

  • GeoGig migration from Restlet to Spring MVC
  • Improved performance for Replication - Clone/Fetch/Pull/Push
  • Usability improvements to support the GeoGig-QGIS plugin


For GeoServer 2.12 and newer, you must use GeoGig version 1.2.0 or newer.

For GeoServer 2.11 and older, you must use GeoGig version 1.1.1.

GeoGig migration from Restlet to Spring MVC

One of the big changes in GeoGig 1.2.0 was replacing Restlet with Spring MVC. While the implementation has changed, we made the new web API exactly equivalent so all the requests and responses are exactly the same. This was a major effort to ensure that web client applications (like  Geoserver) do not need to make any changes to connect to the GeoGig web API. - see

Improved performance for Replication - Clone/Fetch/Pull

The last few releases focused on performance related to rendering/querying data inside GeoGig.  For this release, we have concentrated on improving how changes are shared among people (replication) in support of collaborative editing workflows like multi-user editing and quality assessments for geographic data. This means that Clone/Fetch/Pull/Push operations are noticeably faster - sometime several orders of magnitude faster! 

Usability improvements to support the GeoGig-QGIS plugin

This release supports the upcoming GeoGig-QGIS plugin, which gives a powerful and user-friendly GUI front end to GeoGig.  We've made some improvements - bug fixes and performance increases - to make this plugin as useable as possible.  The GeoGig-QGIS plugin will be released early 2018.


LocationTech supported:

Command line app:

Plugins built on GeoGig:

OpenStreetmap data 1.2.0 plugin

GeoServer 2.12.x plugin

GeoServer 2.13.x plugin

NOTE: If you are looking for a plugin for GeoServer 2.11 or older, you must use version 1.1.1 of GeoGig

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