LocationTech Raster Processing Engine

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Raster processing engine designed to stage tiles of raster data into memory for use by a processing chain.
The responsibilities of a raster processing engine are to:
  • Stage raster data into memory for on-demand processing
  • Orchestrates individual raster processing operations into a workflow
    • Provide an extensible operation model allowing for a default pure Java implementations
    • Use of native image processing libraries if available
    • Use of spatial specific operations if appropriate
    • Support an n-dimensional raster model 
  • Support multi-band rasters (including RGB images):
  • digital elevation models consisting of a single band of elevation measurements
    • Multi-spectral imagery (including RGB data)
    • Hyper-spectral imagery 
  • Support coverage model for unique value imagery for land use and environmental models
  • Rendering
    • Design for Java, SWT and Android rendering
    • Integration with Java AWT RenderedImage
Not in scope:
  • file input and output is out of scope (the engine makes use of a subset of the imageio and imageio-ext project)
  • coverage model support for non discrete models, such as a density heatmap or Barnes surface generated from point observations
  • SWT Image and Android Image integration
  • distributed computation across a network
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Termination Review2018-01-03