Eclipse EMF Client Platform 1.14.0

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This release targets these issues.
= resolved/fixed
= unsolved/reopened
ECP (34)
Common (3)
  • 512107 would like better testcases for RAP demo application with multiple users [closed/fixed]
  • 515295 'Eclipse Workspace Provider (Experimental)' not working with RAP demo [closed/fixed]
  • 516033 Extend PreSetValidationService to allow custom constraints on EStructuralFeatures [closed/fixed]
EMF Forms (29)
  • 460092 Performance of Validation on TreeMasterDetail with visibility-derived validation markers [closed/fixed]
  • 515821 PreSetValidationService lacks combo support [closed/fixed]
  • 516035 Validation result are not populated.cleared on enabled.disabled status changes [closed/fixed]
  • 516498 Categorization renderers do not consider pre-existing selection [closed/fixed]
  • 516501 NPE in TableControlSWTRenderer if EditingDomain is missing [closed/fixed]
  • 516798 Popup text field behavior refinement [closed/fixed]
  • 517727 EMFFormsDIRendererFactory should produce a warning for multiple applicable renderers with same priority [closed/fixed]
  • 517889 Check for isInputtable annotation within EnumComboViewer renderer [closed/fixed]
  • 518057 AbstractReport should support MessageFormat [closed/fixed]
  • 518058 Fix table model feature name [closed/duplicate]
  • 518193 Category Tree allows multi selection [closed/fixed]
  • 518240 Compact Mode for Tables, MultiReferences and MultiAttributes [closed/fixed]
  • 518456 Multi Reference Control does not handle disablement correctly [closed/fixed]
  • 518503 Ecore Editor does not sync the genmodel, so code generation uses old model [closed/fixed]
  • 518563 MatchItemComboViewer should reset content on escape key press [closed/fixed]
  • 518576 ControlGrid should respect SWTGridCell preferred size [closed/fixed]
  • 519175 MatchItemComboViewer should allow free text to be entered [closed/fixed]
  • 519415 Fix code generation from Ecore Editor [closed/fixed]
  • 519858 EMF Forms Show Hide Rule [closed/wontfix]
  • 519897 GridPasteKeyListener handles fill selection case wrong when multiple columns selected [closed/fixed]
  • 520213 Improve Key Bindings for TreeMaster Detail Actions [closed/fixed]
  • 520523 Default Cell Editor for Multi String attributes [closed/fixed]
  • 520699 Incorrect tooltip for date cells [closed/fixed]
  • 520849 Listener for child context in SettingToControlMapperImpl [closed/fixed]
  • 521317 Add Styling Property to define Unset Button Alignment [closed/fixed]
  • 521360 Add test cases for RuleService [closed/fixed]
  • 521371 Add Unset Button Placement configuration to Unsettable Style Property [closed/fixed]
  • 522003 Content of Select Attributes dialog does not resize correctly [closed/fixed]
  • 522004 Ecore changes are not reflected in opened ViewModel Editor [closed/fixed]
Validation (2)
  • 518459 Make Validation service thread-safe [closed/fixed]
  • 519602 Marker not removed after deleting duplicated [closed/wontfix]