Eclipse Layout Kernel 0.1.0 Release Review

End Date of the Review Period

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This is the project's first release after becoming an Eclipse project. The main goal is to provide clients with a release to migrate their code base to before we start the second round of architectural changes.

A list of tackled issues and accepted merge requests can be found on GitHub.

Architectural Issues

The project's architecture has been greatly refactored for this release. Further refactoring will affect the project's central graph data structure, and will happen in a future release.

Non-Code Aspects

As part of this release, documentation has been written that explains how ELK works and how to incorporate it into a given project. The documentation currently lacks details on layout algorithms and the exact layout options they support, as well as explanations of what the options to. Generating this documentation from meta data files is planned for a future release.

There is an existing Getting Started guide which will be migrated to the main ELK documentation wiki and updated for this release.


ELK provides pre-implemented integration for graphical editors based on GMF and Graphiti. The ELK team is in contact with the GEF4 team to ensure that integrating automatic layout into GEF4-based projects is made as simple as possible.