Eclipse Layout Kernel 0.4.0 Release Review

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This release concentrates on bug fixes and enhancements concerning many details of the layout algorithms, but also introduces compaction and overlap removal algorithms.

Some changes may cause clients to break and may change layout results.

A list of tackled issues and accepted merge requests can be found on GitHub.

Architectural Issues

ELK's API has further matured since the project's beginnings. Clients can contribute both layout algorithms (which few do) and layout connectors (which is happening more and more).

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
Not verified

There is quite a bit of interaction with developers who want to integrate ELK-based layout into their own tools. This happens on three sites: first, our Gitter chat room, which people use to ask questions. Second, our GitHub repository, where people ask questions and file bugs and feature requests (of which a lot have been fixed in this release). Finally, some people even still use the official forums.

While ELK itself still comes with built-in support for GMF- and Graphiti-based editors, the Sirius project works on improving ELK integration into their framework while the Papyrus project has contributed a fix to improve support for their graphical editors.