Eclipse Generation Factories (EGF) 1.5.0

Release Date

The EGF release is:

  • EGF SDK. It is EGF Core and two EGF portfolios distributed with their associated metamodels, source code, features and plugins. EGF SDK is available by update site and dropins.

  • Additional portfolios (i.e., Acceleo, ATL, ecoretools).

Examples are included with EGF SDK and the portfolios.


Name Date Description
M1 2016/08/08
M2 2016/09/23
M3 2016/11/04
M4 2016/12/16
M5 2017/02/03
M6 2017/03/17
M7 2017/05/19
RC1 2017/05/26
RC2 2017/06/02
RC3 2017/06/09
RC4 2017/06/16
Release 2017/06/28

Bugs fixed in EGF 1.5.0

  • prepare release 1.5.0 [508288] (target milestone:  ---)
This release is part of Eclipse Oxygen