Eclipse EMFStore 1.0.0

Release Date

Deliver the requirements of the initial project proposal:

  • Model Colaboration: Allow simultanous offline editing of models including synchronization and merging.
  • Versioning and History: Store a history of model versions and changes including the possibility of branching
  • Extensible Default User Interface: Provide UI for all functionality that is extensible and adaptable

Provide initial features with defined API

Provide the features defined in the proposal with a defined API.
  • Migrate to EMF 2.6 [377896] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC1)
  • Deleting or Editing an ServerInfo instance does not invalidate existing usersessions [409691] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC5)
  • Rename ESServer.Factory.getServer method [409918] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC5)
  • Remove save from ESServerFactory#getServer(String, int, String) [409919] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC5)
  • Add JavaDoc to ESServerFactory#createServer method [409921] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC5)
  • Make use of API annotations [412646] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC6)
  • Conflit detection tests still test old API [412737] (target milestone: 1.0.0)
  • Document Extension Points [413051] (target milestone: 1.0.0)
  • Use new Icon [348862] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC1)
  • All plugins should have self-contained formatters, warning-settings and CS settings [368670] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC1)
  • Move extensions to proper plugins [368672] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC1)
  • Redesign Package Visibility [368663] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC1)
  • When using custom SSL keys login upon share fails [411110] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC5)
  • Use DebugOptions insteadof IsDebugMode Flag [395358] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC1)
  • Fix Branding for Features [412959] (target milestone: 1.0.0)
  • Remove Incubation from names [413534] (target milestone: 1.0.0)
  • Update example Client to use new API [368673] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC1)
  • Create Merge API [412649] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC6)
  • Update Example plugins to new API [412673] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC6)
  • Support for branching [365485] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC1)
  • Reference Operations should also track reference changes on the project itself [383231] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC1)
  • Rename workspace files [393216] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC1)
  • Fix DanglingHREF Exception when executing tests [401698] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC1)
  • Mark ProjectSpaceBase#getLocalOperations() as deprecated [401701] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC1)
  • Commands in History Browser don't work [406281] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC2)
  • IllegalStateException on branch creation [406297] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC2)
  • trying to create new notification chain, even though there is an uncompleted chain present [371885] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC1)
  • login does not work with transactional editing domain [372664] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC1)
  • Package visibility [383204] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC1)
  • When using custom SSL keys ServerInfo of projects is not saved [411114] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC6)
  • Many dummy changes due to line endings . Formatter [382906] (target milestone: 1.0.0.RC1)