Eclipse Gendoc 0.5.1

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This release targets these issues.
= resolved/fixed
= unsolved/reopened
Gendoc (42)
Core (35)
  • 452290 External bundle "commons" is not imported by default in <fragment> tags [resolved/fixed]
  • 461805 Allow generation based on onefile with uml as source [resolved/fixed]
  • 469124 Whitespaces character in project_loc variable [closed/duplicate]
  • 469927 Image generation via object attribute half working [closed/invalid]
  • 471889 usage of a image tag [resolved/fixed]
  • 472389 Gendoc uses open model instead of model requested by <context> [resolved/fixed]
  • 472394 GenDoc importBundles is sensitive to spaces [resolved/fixed]
  • 474046 Change update site for master build [resolved/fixed]
  • 474331 Maps and sets of URLs can be performance hogs [resolved/fixed]
  • 474815 Unable to load model with LibreOffice (wrong model path) [resolved/fixed]
  • 475266 Exception when right click on a "one filed" papyrus model [resolved/fixed]
  • 475584 Problem in order of fragment dependances [resolved/fixed]
  • 478883 gendrop drop in table is causing generated file to be in error [resolved/fixed]
  • 481892 Gendoc - Out of Memory [resolved/fixed]
  • 484133 It should be possible to specified relative pathes for both template and generated doc. [closed/invalid]
  • 484150 Doc generation should insert fields with error messages in the templates where the errors are located [closed/invalid]
  • 484151 Doc generation should insert fields with error messages in the templates where the errors are located [unconfirmed/unresolved]
  • 484152 Insertion of Sirius representations should be integrated in the doc generation [closed/fixed]
  • 484155 gendoc template language should be unified [closed/invalid]
  • 484159 tables should allow merging cells [unconfirmed/unresolved]
  • 492352 Provide a test template to help Gendoc Validation [new/unresolved]
  • 492845 Include and rich text does not work for Open Document templates [new/unresolved]
  • 496192 Provide a juno update site [resolved/fixed]
  • 498589 problem with referencing a model [unconfirmed/unresolved]
  • 499373 polymorphism does not work with fragment [new/unresolved]
  • 499614 No generation when the document archive contains two files with the same name [unconfirmed/unresolved]
  • 501477 Include Tag does not replace variables [assigned/unresolved]
  • 501967 Variable diagram image quality [unconfirmed/unresolved]
  • 509948 getDiagram(d:Diagram, el : Sequence(OclAny)) in the GMF bundle does not work if the diagram is open in Papyrus if using absolute URIs [new/unresolved]
  • 514712 Fill automatically the draw:name to a unique id [assigned/unresolved]
  • 518539 Wrong image file path in <image> tag [unconfirmed/unresolved]
  • 518540 Does not support *.svg image. [unconfirmed/unresolved]
  • 518671 MPapyrus diagrams under a package does not exist in generated document [unconfirmed/unresolved]
  • 519743 Integration of Gendoc with Reqcycle [unconfirmed/unresolved]
  • 519744 Run out of memory problem [unconfirmed/unresolved]
Others (6)
  • 463645 Unable to generate a file if the path contains a space [resolved/fixed]
  • 474388 archives build by hudson have the same name for both branches [resolved/fixed]
  • 486793 DOCXDocumentService cleanTags() method does not work properly with '<' and '>' in text nodes. [closed/duplicate]
  • 497221 Unnecessary dependency from plugin org.eclipse.gendoc.bundle.acceleo.gmf to org.eclipse.uml2.uml [closed/fixed]
  • 508052 Table of contents in default template [new/unresolved]
  • 508594 Provide Gendoc samples on git repository [new/unresolved]
UI (1)
  • 506543 Support for tracking changes in the generated documents. [assigned/unresolved]