Eclipse Acceleo 3.5.0

Release Date

This new release of Acceleo will focus on improving the performance, the stability and the structure of the project. There will be multiple changes in the structure of the project and various changes in the existing APIs.

New bundles will be introduced in order to improve the use of Acceleo on stand alone and OSGi runtimes.

Some old components will be removed from Acceleo in order to focus on the core features of the project.


This new release will include several change in the API provided by Acceleo. Users who have created Acceleo generators with a previous version of Acceleo will not be affected but those who are programmatically manipulating Acceleo should expect API break. As a result, several bundles of Acceleo 3 may move to version 4.0.0 in order to indicate the API incompatibility. Since the generators created by our users will stay compatible even with those changes, this release will not involved a change in the version number of the project. The release of Acceleo for Eclipse Luna will be Acceleo 3.5.0.

Among those changes, we can find:

  • Acceleo will move to Java 6.
  • The traceability will be deprecated in order to focus on improving the core features.
  • The extension point used to create alternative Acceleo engine will be deprecated too (it was only there for the traceability engine).
  • The Acceleo 2 automatic migration will be deprecated since it has now been several years since the introduction of Acceleo 3.0.
  • The internationalization of the bundles will be improved

The details of this work and its integration on the master branch for Acceleo 3.5.0 can be found on the Acceleo wiki. All this work may not be completed for the 3.5.0 release and it will be continued afterward with the removal of some outdated components and the introduction of some API breakage for those who are programmatically using Acceleo.


All the messages that can be displayed to the end users are internationalized and you can use an OSGi fragment to provide additional languages to Acceleo.

Target Environments

Acceleo 3.5.0 will be compatible with:

  • Stand alone Java 6 runtime
  • Eclipse 3.7 Indigo
  • Eclipse 3.8 Juno
  • Eclipse 4.3 Kepler
  • Eclipse 4.4 Luna

The OCL interpreter provided with Acceleo will only be compatible with Acceleo and OCL Luna since it require new APIs provided by the OCL project for the Luna release.

Name Date Description
Acceleo 3.5.0 M1 2013/07/23
Acceleo 3.5.0 M2 2013/10/04
Acceleo 3.5.0 M3 2013/11/15
Acceleo 3.5.0 M4 2013/12/20
Acceleo 3.5.0 M5 2014/01/31
Acceleo 3.5.0 M6 2014/03/14 API Freeze
Acceleo 3.5.0 M7 2014/05/09 Feature Freeze
Acceleo 3.5.0 RC1 2014/05/23
Acceleo 3.5.0 RC2 2014/05/30
Acceleo 3.5.0 RC3 2014/06/06
Acceleo 3.5.0 RC4 2014/06/13
Acceleo 3.5.0 Release 2014/06/25

Fix issues

The major goal of this release if to fix the various issues that have been reported by the end users. We will focus our development on the stability of the Acceleo generation and the improvement of the tooling.

New OCL Interpreter

A brand new OCL interpreter has been integrated in the Acceleo project. This interpreter allows step by step execution of OCL queries by using the latest version of the OCL runtime.
  • Interpreter freezes the UI when resizing [510955] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Possibility to change context on interpreter view [356951] (target milestone:  ---)
  • It'd be nice to have more info in the evaluation result part of the interpreter view [357377] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Compact mode for the interpreter [357636] (target milestone:  ---)
  • The interpreter view is not compatible with Eclipse 3.4 [358881] (target milestone:  ---)
  • The Acceleo interpreter does not detect the variables from the debug context [359426] (target milestone:  ---)
  • The Acceleo interpreter can report more errors than needed [359427] (target milestone:  ---)
  • The interpreter does not always register all the necessary metamodel uris [366185] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Acceleo Interpreter - Widget is disposed [366190] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Class cast exception error - Acceleo Interpreter [370940] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Errors with dynamic instances [372199] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Real-time evaluation fails on custom languages [384225] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Text operations not working with "default" additional languages [385381] (target milestone:  ---)
  • NPE when closing the Accelo Interpreter View [400921] (target milestone:  ---)
  • The InterpreterView should use current selection to initialize the selected Eobjects list [405258] (target milestone:  ---)
  • OclVoid instances are not shown on the Interpreter's results pane [408942] (target milestone:  ---)
  • The InterpreterView should empty sections when expression section is empty [425107] (target milestone:  ---)
  • The InterpreterView should empty the current selected Object when editor is closed [425112] (target milestone:  ---)

Improved maven support

The Acceleo artifacts are now published on along with the Acceleo maven plugin used to build Acceleo generators. A brand new maven plugin has also been contributed in order to launch Acceleo generator in stand alone from maven.
  • Acceleo Maven example is misleading (bad p2.eclipse.plugin syntax) [581145] (target milestone:  ---)
  • The maven launcher should have a dependency to org.eclipse.equinox.preferences [466976] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Provide an Equinox based launcher application [475353] (target milestone: M7)
  • Acceleo Equinox launcher does not return an error code [499497] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Missing dependency to org.eclipse.core.runtime for maven task prevents effective error logging [403208] (target milestone: RC2)
  • compilation error on protected area with mixed EOL [402114] (target milestone:  ---)
  • To build successive Acceleo generators is not possible in the same maven build [435085] (target milestone:  ---)
  • cc2 [435849] (target milestone:  ---)
  • cc2-预约名单列表 [435856] (target milestone:  ---)
  • 坐席2期 [435858] (target milestone:  ---)
  • 预约名单列表 [435859] (target milestone:  ---)
  • 任务提醒 [435865] (target milestone:  ---)
  • heart [437495] (target milestone:  ---)
  • testtasks1 [437922] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Acceleo release artifacts repository not up to date [438709] (target milestone:  ---)
  • new__ [442007] (target milestone:  ---)
  • shared [442181] (target milestone:  ---)
  • ConnectionManager [457526] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Acceleo maven task fails if imported files paths contains spaces [403742] (target milestone:  ---)
This release is part of Luna