Eclipse VIATRA 1.4.0

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This release targets these issues.
= resolved/fixed
= unsolved/reopened
Viatra (71)
Addons (1)
  • 495387 Document the query-by-example feature [resolved/fixed]
CEP (2)
  • 490583 NullPointerException in NamingProvider.getPatternFqn [resolved/duplicate]
  • 500586 Generated code contains compile error (if using query event patterns) [resolved/fixed]
Common (1)
  • 498271 Reduce usage of API tools [resolved/fixed]
DSE (7)
  • 498355 Multithreading for the genetic algorithm [resolved/fixed]
  • 498432 DFS should support exploration from a solution [resolved/fixed]
  • 498435 Helper hard objectives for simple use cases [resolved/fixed]
  • 498447 Improve logger system and API for DSE [resolved/fixed]
  • 498539 Restructure DSE [resolved/fixed]
  • 498556 DSE Id pool does not work properly if multiple rules need it [resolved/fixed]
  • 499030 API for stop DSE and wait for termination. [resolved/fixed]
Examples (2)
  • 498858 The CPS model does not support extending the generated editor when extending the model. [resolved/fixed]
  • 497889 The CPS model uses spaces as identifiers which causes issues with cross references. [resolved/fixed]
Query (56)
  • 398911 Type checking of EJavaObject features [resolved/fixed]
  • 465698 Introduce an interface for deciding which pattern calls to flatten [resolved/fixed]
  • 470868 Provide hints regarding the number of model elements to enhance operation cost estimation [closed/fixed]
  • 479854 Provide only cardinality information about types without indexing elements [closed/fixed]
  • 488225 Provide reproducible performance measurement for local search engine [resolved/fixed]
  • 491172 Configure engine for various backends [closed/fixed]
  • 495681 Unbound parameter in CountOperation [resolved/fixed]
  • 496166 Detach constraint cost calculation in the localsearch planner [closed/fixed]
  • 496389 Cache parameter list returned by GenericEMFPatternPQuery [resolved/fixed]
  • 496989 Count call shall be Check if the output variable is bound [resolved/fixed]
  • 497503 Load into Query Results is visible in all context menus [resolved/fixed]
  • 497507 Closed projects appear in query registry if they are dependencies of open projects [resolved/fixed]
  • 497735 Local search compiler caches model [closed/fixed]
  • 497901 add double-click, drag-and-drop and open declaration support to query browser [resolved/fixed]
  • 497904 Implement Positive pattern call operation for Local search [resolved/fixed]
  • 498321 LocalSearchRuntimeBasedStrategy configuration is misleading.unintuitive [closed/fixed]
  • 498348 MatcherReference should represent adornment with Set<PParameter> [resolved/fixed]
  • 398770 Simple aggregate functions [resolved/fixed]
  • 399620 Revisit confusing semantics of EDatatype constraints vs. constant and computed values [resolved/fixed]
  • 418804 Provide capabilities to navigate to each member of a match in the QueryExplorer [resolved/fixed]
  • 468118 Optimize local search planner [resolved/fixed]
  • 483826 Engine should expose one matcher per query+hints instead of one matcher per query [resolved/fixed]
  • 497888 Do not copy icons when they can be reused from required bundle [resolved/fixed]
  • 497925 Additional query development features should support new UI [resolved/fixed]
  • 497960 Query Results view should be listed in the "VIATRA" category [resolved/fixed]
  • 499670 Graduate query browser plugin into SDK feature [resolved/fixed]
  • 499735 Match filtering support in Query Results view [resolved/fixed]
  • 499736 Add Show Location menu action to Query Results view [resolved/fixed]
  • 499740 EMF model connector should be decoupled from Query Explorer [resolved/fixed]
  • 499880 Localsearch engine shall plan in prepare [resolved/fixed]
  • 499884 Enhance pattern language for better integration of local search engine [closed/fixed]
  • 499968 Separate Load Model and Load Query buttons on Query Results view [resolved/fixed]
  • 499995 Improve the query development user interface [resolved/fixed]
  • 500008 Incorrect whitelist functionality [resolved/fixed]
  • 500009 Incorrect error message [resolved/fixed]
  • 500010 Exception thrown in model inferrer in incorrect query files [resolved/fixed]
  • 500112 Loading queries from VQL editor fails silently if Query Registry view is not open [resolved/fixed]
  • 500123 Allow removal of individual queries in Query Results view [resolved/fixed]
  • 500201 Open managed engine in Query Results view in read-only mode [resolved/fixed]
  • 500492 Local search cannot extend correctly through ConstantValue [closed/fixed]
  • 500496 CPS test failures [closed/fixed]
  • 500725 Exception while editing .vql file in VQL Editor [resolved/fixed]
  • 500727 Base index shall support wildcard statistic indexing [resolved/fixed]
  • 500835 Base indexer shall support callbacks [resolved/fixed]
  • 500837 Remove per-instance indexing from statistical base index [closed/fixed]
  • 500845 Make wizard shortcut usage consistent in the new VIATRA UI [resolved/fixed]
  • 500902 Code generator errors in case of generic Java types [resolved/fixed]
  • 500968 Test failures because of incorrect operation ordering [resolved/fixed]
  • 406073 Implement local search based pattern matching [resolved/fixed]
  • 500975 Test framework does not catch errors in eval [resolved/fixed]
  • 501046 Test and document usage of aggregators [resolved/fixed]
  • 501047 Document new features related to local search [resolved/fixed]
  • 501048 Test and document usage of Java types in queries [resolved/fixed]
  • 501395 Evaluate LS support for derived features [resolved/fixed]
  • 501994 Local search dependency for query projects [resolved/fixed]
  • 502081 Exception not handled when a query group cannot be loaded from extension point [resolved/fixed]
Transformation (2)
  • 500140 ViatraQueryEventSource does not use matcher provided by SourceDefinition [resolved/fixed]
  • 500843 Missing covariance on BatchTransformationStatement's fire rule methods [resolved/fixed]