Eclipse VIATRA 1.6.0

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This release targets these issues.
= resolved/fixed
= unsolved/reopened
Viatra (54)
Addons (1)
  • 517615 Validation context menu not visible with wildcard targetEditorId constraints [resolved/fixed]
CEP (3)
  • 493542 Allow using "external" time source [closed/duplicate]
  • 511553 Parameters of Query Event patterns do not work [resolved/fixed]
  • 511554 Add support for parameters in complex events [resolved/fixed]
Common (9)
  • 506618 Extend documentation at with a tutorial [resolved/fixed]
  • 507748 viatra-maven-plugin can't handle platform:.resource URIs in metamodels [resolved/fixed]
  • 508433 Replace tabs with spaces in all source files [resolved/fixed]
  • 514376 Evaluate Guava dependency usage [resolved/fixed]
  • 515100 viatra-query-runtime and viatra-query-language 1.6.0.M2 couldn't be deployed [resolved/fixed]
  • 515646 Xtext version update for Oxygen [resolved/fixed]
  • 515761 VIATRA Query Visualization 0.15 tries to install 0.16 components when milestone update site is added [resolved/fixed]
  • 517195 Javadoc is missing for query and transformation runtime [resolved/fixed]
  • 518013 Guava 21 wired to VIATRA with Xtext 2.12 [resolved/fixed]
DSE (7)
  • 511638 Best-first search [resolved/fixed]
  • 512245 If maxDepth == 0 then DSE should traverse the initial state [resolved/fixed]
  • 512249 Fixed priority strategy should have a default priority of 0 [resolved/fixed]
  • 512276 If no hard objective is given all state should be valid by default [resolved/fixed]
  • 512283 DepthHardObjective instead of MinimalDepthHardObjective [resolved/fixed]
  • 512357 Support for saving found solutions [resolved/fixed]
  • 512721 Executing a trajectory with minimal backtracking [resolved/fixed]
Examples (1)
  • 513588 Invalid test cases in the CPS test suite [resolved/fixed]
Integrations (2)
  • 510184 Improve EVM-JDT integration to be a more stable event realm [resolved/fixed]
  • 517981 Rete visualizer missing edge labels [resolved/fixed]
Query (29)
  • 464623 Inconsistent queryspecification extension points in plugin.xml on renaming .eiq files [resolved/fixed]
  • 493616 Builder should ignore VQL files outside of source folders [resolved/fixed]
  • 505616 False duplicate pattern definition reports when query is available from two sources [resolved/fixed]
  • 509869 CPP Localsearch has compile error after LS API change [resolved/fixed]
  • 509080 Hint propagation shall be controllable in non-flattened LS pattern calls [resolved/invalid]
  • 512347 JavaModelException thrown by project migrator [resolved/fixed]
  • 417988 Nullpointer exception in the engine while using it with an XSD-based metamodel [resolved/fixed]
  • 472850 GEF 5 Zest compatibility [closed/fixed]
  • 507732 Make variable usage counting more understandable [resolved/fixed]
  • 508185 False positive cartesian product warning with constant eval expression [resolved/fixed]
  • 508187 Validator should not allow referring the result of an eval expression in the expression itself [resolved/fixed]
  • 508496 Delete and rederive evaluation in the RETE network [resolved/fixed]
  • 512752 Consistent behaviour for dangling edges [resolved/fixed]
  • 513434 The query testing framework should support private patterns. [resolved/duplicate]
  • 513754 Allow turning off plugin.xml and generation [resolved/fixed]
  • 514304 Enum literal constants in queries do not work in dynamic mode [closed/fixed]
  • 514525 Duplicate remove events cause NPEs in Rete nodes [resolved/fixed]
  • 514623 ResourceException thrown by migrator if project is out of synch with the file system [resolved/fixed]
  • 514626 NullPointerException below ProjectGenerationHelper if bundle classpath entries are missing [resolved/fixed]
  • 514627 Make private patterns testable using the Query Test Framework [resolved/fixed]
  • 514628 Provide basic query coverage reports to the test framework [resolved/fixed]
  • 514971 Uninitialized field references found by Sonar [resolved/fixed]
  • 515164 Clean up local search planner state and rewriter access [resolved/fixed]
  • 515251 Enhance EMFPatternLanguageJavaValidator to not swallow NPEs [resolved/fixed]
  • 515785 Rete Visualizer view should not load query specification registry on view opening [resolved/fixed]
  • 515934 IllegalStateException thrown in Rete recipe compiler in case of erroneous query specifications [resolved/fixed]
  • 516819 Pattern parameters are inserted with qualified name to annotation parameters [resolved/fixed]
  • 517058 Different error handling behavior for Xbase expressions during query evaluation [resolved/fixed]
  • 517308 NPE in Rete visualizer [resolved/fixed]
Transformation (2)
  • 510166 rule specification should allow jobs for activation states from different Enums [resolved/fixed]
  • 518179 ModelManipulationWithEditingDomain can not create child in a single multiplicity reference [resolved/fixed]