Eclipse Kitalpha 1.4.0

Release Date

Release of :

  • The architecture description which enables to edit and execute architecture frameworks and viewpoints
  • The CTK with the following components: Resource Reuse, Report, eMDE, Composer, Transposer, Accuracy, Model Detachment

All those components are released in the Kitalpha solution:

  • Kitalpha 1.4.0 - Windows 64bit versions
  • Kitalpha 1.4.0 - Linux 64-bit versions
  • Kitalpha 1.4.0 - Mac OSX

Kitalpha 1.4.0 is based on Eclipse 2019-06.

Target Environments

Availability for Win 64-bit, Linux 64-bit, MAC OS

Name Date Description
M1 2019/09/09
M2 2019/09/23
M3 2019/10/07
M4 2019/10/21
1.4.0 2019/12/11

Architecture Framework and Viewpoint

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CTK (Core Technology Kit)

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