Eclipse Apricot 1.0.0

Roughly speaking the Apricot project provides a server-side platform to build rich content applications. It is not an Eclipse plug-in, but a server side application, so it provides it's own release cycle.

Apricot is based on a plan with 2 releases per year. The first release (i.e. 1.0) is different since the target is to migrate a stable released version of the core stack of Nuxeo ECM Platform to Eclipse.

Thus, this release is focusing on migrating the code and providing deliverable with the existing code.

See, the notes in deliverables section.

The goal of this release is to provide:

  • Integration with Equinox OSGI framework
  • Extensibility through custom extension points.
  • Flexible configuration for cloud deployment - using configuration providers.
  • Support for H2 and Postgresql databases. Other databases like MSSQL or Oracle will be supported but not packaged into Apricot release.
  • Web integration to build front-ends - more specifically support for servlets and JAX-RS application using the default OSGi HTTP Service.
  • Authentication through JAAS
  • JCA pooling through Apache Geronimo
  • CMIS bridge through OpenCMIS.
Release Date