Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform (PTP) 5.0.0

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This release targets these issues.
= resolved/fixed
= unsolved/reopened
PTP (47)
Core (7)
  • 286545 RM proxy exit causes RDT server exit [resolved/fixed]
  • 296980 Some preference pages contain invalid values [resolved/fixed]
  • 301294 Scalability improvements to the runtime model and event architecture [resolved/fixed]
  • 301298 Scalability improvements for the proxy protocol [resolved/fixed]
  • 301299 Flow control needed to prevent overloading model.UI [resolved/fixed]
  • 335918 An internal error occurred during: "Launching <project>" [resolved/fixed]
  • 338103 PTP needs a default perspective [resolved/fixed]
Debug SDM (1)
  • 331889 As sdm is given option --server=<number>, it always set id equal to 0 due to bug in code [resolved/fixed]
Doc (1)
  • 316389 Help index declared, but missing in ptp and pldt help [resolved/fixed]
ETFw (1)
  • 332349 ETFw Feedback view does not handle remote files [resolved/fixed]
GEM (2)
  • 330051 GEM Help Plug-in Patch [resolved/fixed]
  • 340041 NPE thrown when using context menus with GEM Console View not open [resolved/fixed]
Launch (1)
  • 330154 Setting up a debugger should be optional [resolved/fixed]
PLDT (8)
  • 195176 Managed Make Fortran Project and MPI [resolved/fixed]
  • 211112 OpenMP analysis requires source file to be open in editor [resolved/fixed]
  • 312833 UPC artifacts not found when UPC include path set incorrectly [resolved/fixed]
  • 316368 UPC artifacts not found when file is not open in editor [resolved/worksforme]
  • 324276 OpenMP analysis needs option to find artifacts by prefix only [resolved/fixed]
  • 327475 When no artifacts found, message doesn't consider "prefix only" search in its description [resolved/fixed]
  • 343761 PLDT adds bogus settings to MPI project [resolved/fixed]
  • 345485 PLDT artifacts not recognized w.i some macro expansions [resolved/fixed]
RDT (8)
  • 323543 Improve reliability and usability of remote services initialization [resolved/fixed]
  • 328181 Add getRemoteHost() to RemoteXLCompilerPropertyPage [resolved/fixed]
  • 341110 Need indication if Java JVM doesn't exist on remote machine [resolved/fixed]
  • 342188 Cannot switch hosts for remote C.C++ project build with PTP 4.0 [closed/fixed]
  • 344348 support GNU toolchain in C.C++ projects [resolved/fixed]
  • 347675 RemoteMakeBuilder should refresh using configurable refresh settings from CDT [resolved/fixed]
  • 347869 Inconsistent button label in Remote Include Directory Dialog [resolved/fixed]
  • 348105 RDT hides CDT's environment tab even for local projects [resolved/fixed]
RM (5)
  • 309343 New JAXB.LML resource manager framework [resolved/fixed]
  • 316136 Connection name dropdown in RM config wizard loses selected connection [resolved/fixed]
  • 337606 resource managers do not start automatically [closed/worksforme]
  • 337836 Resource manager configuration should default to port forwarding if available [resolved/fixed]
  • 337998 Move tunneling options to "advanced" section [resolved/fixed]
RM.Open MPI (3)
  • 331486 Open MPI launch configuration defaults not loaded [resolved/fixed]
  • 331620 Open MPI commands do not revert to defaults when "use default commands" is selected [resolved/fixed]
  • 331622 Add support for Open MPI 1.5 [resolved/fixed]
RM.PBS (1)
  • 316499 PBS: Interactive jobs [resolved/fixed]
RM.PE (1)
  • 341592 Preference Page for Parallel Environment does not allow user to move out of it [closed/fixed]
Remote Tools (7)
  • 251901 Merge "Generic Host" and "Remote Host" target environments [resolved/fixed]
  • 301153 Improve cancel when opening a remote tools connection [resolved/fixed]
  • 325472 Create new remote tools connection but previous one is still the default selected [resolved/fixed]
  • 332244 Host not found error in XL C.C++ compiler property page [resolved/fixed]
  • 346937 Cannot create Remote C.C++ Project - Location Browser does not work [resolved/fixed]
  • 346993 Cannot build on remote server [closed/fixed]
  • 348890 Remote tools connection fails if hostname ends with whitespace [closed/fixed]
Tools (1)
  • 330152 Only register the Repeat Last Parallel Analysis button for C.C++.Photran Perspectives [resolved/fixed]