EclipseLink Project

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Project Members: 

Project Leads

  • dclarke's picture
    Doug Clarke
  • pkrogh's picture
    Peter Krogh


  • agoerler's picture
    Adrian Goerler
  • afischbach's picture
    Andreas Fischbach
  • ailitchev's picture
    Andrei Ilitchev
  • bdoughan's picture
    Blaise Doughan
  • boliu's picture
    Bo Liu
  • cdelahunt's picture
    Chris Delahunt
  • dmccann's picture
    David McCann
  • dminsky's picture
    David Minsky
  • dtwelves's picture
    David Twelves
  • desmith's picture
    Denise Smith
  • dkornilov's picture
    Dmitry Kornilov
  • dclarke's picture
    Doug Clarke
  • etang's picture
    Edwin Tang
  • egwin's picture
    Eric Gwin
  • gyorke's picture
    Gordon Yorke
  • gonural's picture
    Gul Onural
  • gpelletie's picture
    Guy Pelletier
  • jsutherla's picture
    James Sutherland
  • kyuan's picture
    Kevin Yuan
  • ldavis's picture
    Leslie Davis
  • ljungmann's picture
    Lukas Jungmann
  • mvalovy's picture
    Marcel Valovy
  • mgrebac's picture
    Martin Grebac
  • mvojtek's picture
    Martin Vojtek
  • mmacivor's picture
    Matt MacIvor
  • mkeith's picture
    Mike Keith
  • mmeswani's picture
    Mitesh Meswani
  • mparthasarathy's picture
    Mythily Parthasarathy
  • nhauge's picture
    Neil Hauge
  • pfilion's picture
    Pascal Filion
  • pkrogh's picture
    Peter Krogh
  • psplinakis's picture
    Petros Splinakis
  • pvijayaratnam's picture
    Praba Vijayaratnam
  • rbarkhous's picture
    Rick Barkhouse
  • rcurtisw6n's picture
    Rick Curtis
  • rcurtis's picture
    Rick Curtis
  • rsapir's picture
    Rick Sapir
  • ssmith's picture
    Shaun Smith
  • tware's picture
    Tom Ware
  • tkraus's picture
    Tomas Kraus
  • vbhatia's picture
    Vikram Bhatia
  • yzhao's picture
    Yiping Zhao

Historical Committers

  • jbracken's picture
    John Bracken
  • kchen's picture
    Kyle(Xiaosong) Chen
  • lrekadze's picture
    Liza Rekadze
  • mobrien's picture
    Michael O'Brien
  • minorman's picture
    Mike Norman
  • ppurich's picture
    Peter Purich
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Commits on this project (last 12 months).
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Commits on this project by individuals over the last three months.
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Commits on this project by supporting organization over the last three months.